Friday, March 13, 2009

Morning wake up

I heard and felt some movement this morning in the twilight of the day. I was wavering in the realm of fighting off consciousness.

Next thing I know, I'm being straddled and the smooth silken skin of TM's cock head was at my lips. Now, I want to say that the good sub in me just opened up for him, but remember I wasn't quite all there yet. So instinctively I tried to turn my head and fall back into a blissful slumber. However, being the good dominant that he is, there was no turning away. He gripped my hair rather forcefully and pressed his cock to my lips again. This time I opened for him.

I was more awake than not. I mean how can you sleep through giving head? It's just not possible. There is a point though where you act upon instinct, and that's where I was. I had quite a few thoughts going through my head at the time. I seldom find that I can turn my brain off. I like it too much- thinking and processing that is.

One of the things I thought about was the act itself that I was partaking in. The whole concept of taking what he wants wants is one of the most absolute turn ons for me, and I have no idea what prompted this type of action as it's been gone for weeks and weeks. Anyway, I absorbed the entire situation- the feeling of his hands in my hair, pulling my head off the pillow just far enough to take his length in, the soft steady stroking of my mouth, the feel of the contours of his head and shaft as he slid in and how perfectly it aligned with my mouth. Gosh, if that wasn't enough to get the juices flowing, I don't know what is!!

I don't know what the story was this morning, maybe it was pent up need for release, but TM did his business and that was that.

When he finished, and I managed to swallow all that was deposited, I was content and literally rolled over. I could have fallen back to sleep. TM however had other plans.

I heard the rustle of the shower curtain and thought TM was heading into the shower. I was mistaken, but not sadly I'm pleased to inform you. Seems he was retrieving the rabbit vibe. He bought the water proof one and because we have a private shower and he frequently makes use of it in there, that's the home for it.

He takes great pleasure in taking the tips of those ears and finding the sweetest spot to place them. Makes me shiver just thinking about it. He presses hard, or lightly depending on his mood.

We've even used it anally. Now there's a yummy feeling. For whatever reason I'm not a big fan of the moving pearls. Don't find they do very much for me when I'm using it solo. TM has more fun with direct stimulation on my clit, so there's not much experimenting going on.

However we do have two rabbits, one that we don't use much, older model. But I think we're going to save that one strictly for anal use. Even with a thorough washing, I'm not too keen on where it goes next after being in my arse. No matter how clean I am either.

Now I'd love to try the rabbit's moving pearls in my ass. Pushed in just enough so the pearls are right at the sphinctor. That to me sounds incredibly erotic. I'll have to mention that to him.

Yes, I'm plotting my own demise again. I'll keep you posted as to results.

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