Saturday, February 25, 2012


This past week was one of great stress.  I  have been an unhappy servant (not sure what I am today, so servant will do) .  We're both sitting in a 'bad' place.  We want nothing more than to be in the same place, but life and circumstances are keeping us from that opportunity.

What makes it more difficult is that we're both problem solvers, and when we see something that needs doing, we do.  In this instance, we both feel helpless to make it happen.

While the move wouldn't be earth-shattering, it would mean I leave my job, the kids leave their schools and a complete change in how they live.

I love country living myself, but this would be beyond a culture shock.  This is living off the land kind of living, not churning our own butter, but learning how NOT to live is a better term.

I'm contemplating how I can make this work, short of having a 400 mile daily commute, I'm not sure how, but in the scheme of things that seems like a small concession.  Time will tell, but we do have to work toward something.

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