Sunday, March 11, 2012

A new release

I'm doing something I never thought I would.

I've become addicted to a video game. *sigh*

Jefe was playing it on the x-box, and he just happened to have the same game for PC.


I made the mistake of loading it yesterday morning.


I'm not even going to share how many hours I've spent on the damned game since.

I can't run the game and the yahoo messenger at the same time.

Which means no yapping with my male mirror image (otherwise known as my writing partner, confidante, and best damned friend a person could have, well aside of his wife :D)

I hope he understands *grins*

Now back to my quest!!!

I can blame it all on Jefe.... he's a level 17, I just graduated to level 2!!  sheesh.

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