Friday, October 22, 2010

Three hours

I don't have a title for this blog post yet, because I'm not sure what I am going to say yet. I'm back home from the business trip and it was by no stretch, a great success. The customer meetings and the demo's went off without a hitch. Impressed the bossman in the process, so all is good.

Got a chance to chat with the sexy voice on the phone last night while at the hotel. I have to say it was nice to have an uninterrupted phone call that started before 9 pm (damned kids). It was yet another wonderful conversation, sharing of thoughts, bantering of ideas, recognizing more potential.

It will be one week.... only 1 more week. Absolutely, positively can't wait. I feel good, positive, enlightened, affirmed, energetic (well maybe not at this particular moment, but y'all know what I mean)... I have to work during the evening we're going to meet for coffee, I will be forever looking at my watch for those three hours I can tell you that!! Will be one of the longest three hour stretches I've had I'm sure!

I think I'm going to go see what the spawns made for dinner the last couple of days....

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