Friday, September 14, 2012

Coming to grips

I had a long talk with Jefe today. Earlier this morning he asked if I was coming up, but I told him no, I was being fiscally conservative.  Gas for two weekends in a row would be a tremendous amount of money for my gas hog.  a HUGE amount.

So we had a delicious phone sex session, but both agreed that it fucking sucks, and we're tired of it.

So an hour later, I took my fiscal conservativeness and tossed it out the window. Called him and said I was coming up, had a few things to do, but hoped to be on the road within the hour.

Got my few things done, tossed some stuff in a bag and was ten minutes late out the door.  Just as I started the truck the phone rang.  It was Master, of course, he was reconsidering the impromptu visit. Agreed with my initial fiscal frugality (something rare for me).

So this blog isn't me whining that I'm not seeing him this weekend, although I could turn it into that easily. I told him I was past my threshold to touch him.

No this blog is about him opening up the door even more.

I got a glimpse inside during our hour long discussion about the back and forth of making the trek.

I listened to his words carefully.

I heard the reconciliation in his voice. He's going places emotionally he swore he would never do again.

He verbalized the trust he has in me, in us. Which I already know, but sometimes hearing it...

Especially during a discussion.

Not pillow talk.

During a frank, deep discussion.

Admitting the things he's trying to figure out, work out internally, rationalize.

He never thought he'd be here again.

Here he is.

Here I am.

Coming to grips with it all.

It's the best place to be.  Being somewhere you never thought you'd be, and knowing it's better than you ever thought it would.

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